Add an edgy touch to your outwear selection by choosing a women’s vintage leather jacket from Brick Vintage. We have a huge selection of styles, colours and sizes to choose which can be easily paired with any outfit.

Vintage leather jackets have always been a part of our daily fashion; and were around even earlier than we initially imagine. They first came onto the scene as early as the 1900s, when worn as flight jackets during World War One. Ensuring added warmth and top-notch quality, this outwear piece was initially known as the ‘bomber jacket’ which is still a typically worn garment in the modern day, of course. This jacket style went on to become extremely popular during the 1920’s; the era in which designer Irving Schott created an iconic leather jacket for Harley Davidson. Fast forward almost twenty years and they were used for a second time around in a military environment, when worn by US soldiers in World War Two.

In later years, the leather jacket departed its connotation with the military and later became an everyday fashion staple, signifying rebellion and teen culture. The leather look secured its place in modern fashion during the golden age of Hollywood, when some of the studios biggest stars wore theirs in major blockbuster films. Most memorably, the legendary Marlon Brandon wore a leather bomber jacket whilst playing the character of Johnny Strabler in The Wild One – which has become one of the most momentous events in the garment’s history. Viewers of the film saw Brando’s character ultimately win the heart of the girl through his defiant appeal, which later also went on to become associated with the leather jacket itself.

Later, the likes of Beatles, Elvis, The Ramones and Steve McQueen would regularly be seen sporting their very own leather jackets in photoshoots and during performances. During the 50’s, the rockabilly craze saw women jump on the bandwagon, with the mod scene of the 1960s continuing the fashion craze.

During the 1970’s, the leather jacket was co-ordinated with multicoloured hair and effective make-up within the punk revolution, in which many women’s vintage leather jackets were customised with the likes of spikes, studs, badges and even slogans to mark a sense of individuality. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent played a huge role in transforming the look of the leather jacket throughout the decade.

These days, they are still a very firm-favourite in casual wardrobes and are the perfect way to add a chic yet edgy piece to your collection. They have certainly stood the test of time and are the ideal piece to channel versatility into your look. Shop our range of vintage women’s leather jackets today.

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