When the UK weather turns a little bit cooler then cosy vintage jumpers spring to mind. Whether it’s a numbing winter’s frost, a sharp spring day or the first nip of autumn there is nothing so comforting as vintage knitwear to wrap you up warmly.

The great thing about choosing vintage cardigans or jumpers is that these are often made from pure wool, thereby demonstrating their longevity. You will be surprised by the wide array of knits we have available for you to choose from.
Vintage Jumpers… it’s all about the wool
The ubiquitous Guernsey (and Jersey too of course) is always a favourite choice of wool for men looking for high quality vintage woollen jumpers. Made in the Channel Islands to traditional patterns, these hardwearing woollies are a great choice for all outdoor activities. Designed as they were for the local fishermen they will take whatever the cooler months in the UK can throw at them. Similarly, the Aran sweater, with its intricate cable stitching is all set for the great outdoors. The beautiful vintage designs on these fishermen’s jumpers were not for mere decoration, each design was unique to the fisherman who wore it and made him instantly identifiable.

From further afield, we have a selection of the attractively patterned Nordic and Icelandic knitwear as well as beautiful Fairisle examples. You may even be lucky enough to find, among our range, one of the rare hand knitted vintage versions of both sweaters or tank tops which we also snap up whenever possible.

Away from the vagaries of the weather we stock a dazzling array of lighter weight knitwear suitable for every occasion. For the sporting look you can opt for the iconic Argyle; with its colourful diamond pattern favoured by golfers the world over, or perhaps the American college style is more to your taste. We often have examples of sweaters and cardigans in both these vintage patterns and in a choice of wool and man-made fibres so don’t miss out, take a look through our range and see what is available today.

The range of styles we offer is wide so we can safely say there is something for everyone, from the intricately patterned to the jewel coloured plain knits.  If you favour a polo, a crew neck or a classic vee you will find them all here. Then there is always that perennial favourite, the Christmas jumper, no, not the one great-auntie Maud sent and which lives in the depths of the cupboard under the stairs. Pre-empt such a disaster recurring by turning up in one of our stunning vintage jumpers resplendent with snowflakes or reindeer. Seasonal, but in the best possible taste.

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