At UK based Brick Vintage we take pride in offering a wide and varied range of quality vintage clothing for both men and women, bringing you a fantastic choice of vintage clothes from eras as far back as the swinging fifties and sixties right through to the chic and edgy eighties. Whether you have a preference for the fashion of a particular decade, or are just passionate about all things vintage, our online clothing shop offers all the style and panache of the bygone trends.

All our vintage clothing is both genuine and unique, so stepping out in any clothes from Brick Vintage will ensure that you turn heads and catch attention.

We update our UK shop very regularly, so if you can’t see exactly what you are looking for today, be sure to check back regularly.  You don’t want to miss out on that perfect jumper, jacket, suit or dress to create just the right vintage look.

And we don’t just stock vintage men and women’s clothing; we’ve a quality selection of accessories to complete your look, so once you’ve chosen your vintage outfit be sure to hunt out a complimentary accessory to complete your ‘back in time’ ensemble.

Our extensive Range of Vintage Clothing

For the men out there we have a great range of classic styles to choose from including every type of Levi jeans, a great selection of shirts from 70s patterned to 80s flannel styles and a large selection of coat styles including duffle and trench.  Our range of clothing for women is no less impressive, ranging from velvet and tweed jackets to shirt or maxi dresses and everything in between.  We sell vintage clothing online from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Fred Perry and Wrangler to name just a few, so take a look through our website now to find that item of clothing you’ve seen on the TV or in a magazine and thought how fun it would be to wear today.

Whilst we’re based in the UK, all our vintage clothing can be shipped anywhere in the world which means you can get your hands on any of our clothes right now.  Simply make sure it is in your size, pop it in the basket and we’ll soon have it winging its way to your door, ready for you to create the perfect look whether you are going for head to toe vintage or teaming up a modern item of clothing with a trendy classic garment from a bygone era.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping now and you can soon be the proud new owner of unique vintage clothing that will help you to stand out from the crowd and bring vintage clothes bang up to date.