Levi Strauss Jeans, It’s hardly necessary to say any more, who doesn’t want a pair of Levi’s vintage jeans in their wardrobe? The very name is such a symbol of style and quality that it’s fair to say that your wardrobe isn’t complete without at least one pair. Luckily for you we have such a wide and varied selection that it will be hard to stop at two when you have seen what we have to offer. Just pick your favourite number and colour and start browsing.
Levi’s Famous 501 Jeans
Are you a traditionalist looking for the original Levi’s 501 jeans, and who can resist this classic which has ‘all the trimmings’, the button fly, 5 pockets stitched in yellow, the red tag on the back pocket and the straight leg style, then we can provide a range of sizes in both blue and black. And have you ever wondered about that iconic ‘two horses’ patch on the back, it’s a reference to the original vintage advert for Levi jeans, declaring proudly ‘They can’t be ripped’ Back in the 1870’s the two men who invented these iconic jeans Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis could have had no notion of how we men would wear our vintage jeans today, complete with deliberate rips and tears.

501’s have a colourful history originating in the days of the Gold Rush when Levi, a Bavarian immigrant, was making working clothes for prospectors. He subsequently met another immigrant, Jacob from Latvia, who made rivet fastened waist overalls. When they got together with a great idea, some cloth from Nimes in France (Denim) and those rivets, a legend was born. So every time you are wearing those vintage Levi’s you are putting on a piece of history. Oh by the way, 501 was believed to be the lot number assigned to the original copper riveted overalls…one for the pub quiz!

There are other numbers! …and we have them all. If you browse through our collection you will see there are styles for everyone. Boot cut, straight leg, slim fit or flares and in every shade of blue as well as the occasional black or gray for the individualists among you.

When new, these garments have to be worn-in to get that relaxed look so if you want your Levi’s to have that vintage jeans appearance right from the get go, then check out our rails. Here you will find examples with that gently rubbed, slightly ‘frayed at the edges’ appearance that is so fashionable.

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