To complete your wardrobe or to arm yourself against the great winter weather in the UK the ideal garment is a vintage coat but be warned these can be hard to track down. We spread our nets far and wide in the hunt for quality versions of the overcoat, greatcoat, duffle and pea, but it seems that, in general, men are greatly attached to these items and are loathe to part with them. Like all our clothing, our coats are ‘one offs’ so you need to keep checking and when you see what you are looking for then pounce and walk off with that treasured coat or vintage duffle.

If you favour a more crisp and smart style look no further than the vintage pea coat. It has a history in the Navy as was ideal for a sailor to wear to protect against the harsh weather conditions. Think back to those vintage films with officers on the deck of warships braving the elements in this versatile garment . Made from hard wearing wool, which always keeps its looks, this longer version of the pea jacket is, strictly speaking, called a Bridge Coat and had self-colour or brass buttons. The pea coat whilst being styling also allows you to enjoy the warmth of these desirable garments.
Classic Vintage Coats in Wool and Tweed
Whether your preference is for single or double breasted, the classic overcoat in wool or tweed is always a good option or if a more lightweight alternative is called for, as even in the UK we do get rising temperatures, then a gabardine trench coat would fit the bill perfectly. For a more casual approach look no further than our collection of ‘duffles’ Either checked or plain we can offer a choice of different colours either with a hood or without. Browsing through our range you will find a selection of colours and materials to suit every occasion.

When considering a vintage coat what could be better than a wax Barbour. For the genuine ‘country’ look these really need to have that lovely, antique, lived in appearance. They are made from a fabric that only improves with wearing, acquiring a soft sheen and supple feel that just breathes quality and comfort.

The men’s vintage coats we have in our UK collection are constantly changing so be sure to keep your eyes open for your perfect purchase.

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