The vintage parka, a menswear stalwart. In the winter months the faithful parka will keep you snug and warm and has now become a fashion essential in its own right

Stocking a range of vintage styles. From the snorkel parka of the 1970’s to the military parkas popularised by the mods in 1960’s.
The original snorkel parka was the 1950’s military issued N3-B parka introduced by the US military. The civilian version appeared in 1970’s in a variety of colours. Most having the orange lining which is today which is much sought after today by  the vintage buyer. Well know brands included Lord Anthony, Campri and Keynote.

How to wear your snorkel parka? 

There are no rules! The parka is all about practicality, the relaxed shape allows you to wear layers. A classic look though would be wool jumper, jeans and boots.

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