You may not actually play Polo but if you are searching for the smart casual look when a ‘tee’ is not quite right, then a vintage polo shirt is exactly what you need to carry you through.

The combination of a relaxed and comfortable garment but with the addition of a more substantial collar gives the polo shirt its iconic vintage look. The style came about in the nineteen twenties when champion tennis player Rene Lacoste found the restrictive tennis clothing too cumbersome and so designed the garment we know today. He wore this design at the US Open Championship of 1926. The following year he added the now famous logo based on his nickname, ‘The Crocodile’

We also stock a wide range of Fred Perry polos. Fred won three consecutive Wimbledon Championships between 1933 and 1936. After he retired he went on to design his now famous sportswear and in 1952 at, where else but Wimbledon, the Fred Perry polo shirt was launched, a great vintage! Like Lacoste, Perry chose a logo for his creations based on his sport, in this case the original Wimbledon symbol which was a laurel wreath. Although the original was only made in white, as its popularity spread it subsequently became available in other colours and its name changed from Tennis Shirt to Polo.
The Ever Changing Look of Vintage Polos
We have an ever changing selection of different designs and colours so make sure to check our website for the latest arrivals. As well as single block colours there are, of course, the stripes! For some reason stripes and polos just go together and you will see them edging collars and cuffs, across pockets and hems and even over the entire body of the garment for a really bold statement. There is a version to suit every taste Nothing says vintage as boldly as these multi-coloured striped polo shirts

You will notice that some of our range have breast pockets. These were particularly popular among golfers as this adaptation provided a place to carry a score card, but if golf is not your thing there are always a million uses for a handy pocket and it does add a fashion statement. So, striped or solid colour, pocketed or plain, your vintage polo shirt is going to add an extra dimension to your wardrobe for those casual nights out.

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