Vintage suits, doesn’t that phrase just sum up all the elegance and glamour you think of when you imagine times past. Well you are in luck, a quick browse through our selection of  menswear from yesteryear will convince you that all the panache you are looking for is right there at your fingertips. We carry a wide range of vintage and classic suits in various sizes and styles from sharp pinstripes or rugged tweeds to the narrow-legged drainpipes of the sixties or the flares of the seventies.
The Revolution in Vintage Suits
In the UK men’s suits have undergone something of a revolution over the last 50 years and the period between the swinging sixties and the affluent eighties was one of the most flamboyant and varied since the end of the eighteenth century. This is the era we specialize in so you are sure to find that perfect vintage suit to take you to a specialised event or perhaps a smart three piece for a more formal affair.

The evolution of the man’s suit as we know it, that is a jacket and trousers made of the same material, started way back at the start of the nineteenth century in the UK as the elaborately embroidered and often jewelled clothing gave way to the to more practical and understated elegance of the Regency period. Beau Brummel was the leading light in this move towards more restrained garments that owed their eye appeal more to the art of the cutter than the addition of lace and flounces. Under his influence the cut of a coat, the crisp folds of a necktie and the smooth fit of the trousers were a measure of your tailor’s art and therefore your wealth. The Beau could be said to have invented the concept of ‘less is more.’

Since that time men’s tailoring can be seen to have gradually evolved inexorably towards a more relaxed style. The rather formal three piece gave way to the more casual two piece and the cut became less structured and comfortable to wear. The restraints of the second world war made for some fairly drab men’s outfits and in reaction to this we had the explosion of colour and pattern in men’s suits that was to signal the vintage look of the 60’s and 70’s that we prize today. Lavish flares and exuberant designs coupled with big collars and ruffled shirts epitomised the youth culture and who doesn’t remember John Travolta in his white suit swaggering down the street in Saturday Night Fever.

Now you too can relive those heady days with a quick scroll through our choice of vintage suits for men.

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