Over the past few years there has been a huge upsurge in the demand for men’s vintage sweatshirts and especially those from the 1990’s. Yes there is the debate, is 1990’s clothing really vintage? The vintage purist would say no. Luckily for you guys we are big fans of vintage sweatshirts from this era and earlier so are more than happy put on the website.

With men’s vintage sweatshirts it’s all about big logo’s and brands. Yes an Adidas vintage sweatshirt will always have appeal but other brands have gained popularity. Sometimes more so then when they were first released. These include labels such as  Champion, Kappa and Nike to name a few.

As well as looking great they are a extremely comfortable. Perfect for relaxed those casual days out. So whether its a vintage Champions or a vintage Adidas sweatshirt or something in between we have it covered. Have a browse but keep popping back as always adding new vintage sweatshirts for men.

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