There is no doubt that a vintage waistcoat is an absolute must for that essential classic look. It is the finishing touch for a man with style and taste. Our specialised range of men’s vintage waistcoats includes versions in wool, tweed, corduroy and doeskin so, whether for a trip to the country or an engagement in town we offer a look for every occasion. Single or double breasted, 5 or 6 buttons, there is sure to be a style to please our most discerning customer.
Choosing a Waistcoat from a Vintage Range
By choosing to wear one of our vintage range of waistcoats you are following in a grand tradition that goes back several centuries. It is thought that travellers returning from Persia introduced the vest, as it was then known, to the court of King Charles ll who, in 1666 declared that they should be recognised as proper attire.

Samuel Pepys in his famous diary mentions that ‘vest’ was the original name for the garment, the description of it as a waistcoat referring to the fact that it was cut off at waist level unlike the usual men’s fashion of the day which called for rather full skirted longer coats.

Originally the waistcoat was a bright, flashy addition to men’s wardrobes, often with ornate embellishments but by the middle of the nineteenth century it had become much more sober and utilitarian as it became the stalwart of the well-dressed businessman. Although it suffered a dip in its popularity towards the end of the twentieth century when it was no longer considered essential wear, there has, of recent years, been yet another swing in its fortunes as the discerning twenty-first century man revives this stalwart of sartorial fashion and this particular vintage garment is back on the menu once more.
The Resurgence of Men’s Waistcoats
The reason for the waistcoat resurgence is, in no small way, the realisation that it is such a versatile addition to the wardrobe of the man of today wishing to cut a dash. If it’s the smooth sophisticated and timeless look that’s required one of our smooth doeskin garments is a perfect choice but for the more casual look, much favoured by Justin Timberlake, just team any of our styles with a well cut pair of jeans for an up to the minute, fresh take on an old favourite.

From the ancient land of Persia, via the restoration era to modern day celebrities, you know that you will be wearing an item with a long and illustrious history. So you know that when you wear a vintage waistcoat from our collection you will always be in the forefront of style.

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