Vintage Leather Jackets

A vintage leather jacket is always going to be the ‘go to’ item of any discerning men who want that cutting edge casual look. Nothing can compare with this practical yet innately fashionable cornerstone of the wardrobe for todays well-dressed men. What other piece of clothing is going to help you fight the vagaries of the weather in the UK while managing to look so fabulous at the same time.

The soft look of vintage leather is a real winner for these jackets, as it speaks of effortless elegance in the safari styles, so perfect for that night on the town. This is a versatile garment that can take you from smart daywear to a classy evening do without missing a beat and the supple, tactile nature of this material means that it only improves with age and wearing.

Waist Length Leather Jackets for That Sporty Look

Should you be looking for a more ‘sporty’ look, then the waist length biker or racer style should be right up your street. In a varied range of colours and with button or zip fastening, these youthful, ‘go faster’ jackets with a vintage twist can be worn with confidence by men of all ages. This iconic garment has come a long way since it was first worn by fighter pilots in the first world war. Since then it has always had that glamorous man of action, hint of danger vibe about it. It made the crossover from the military to fashion wear when in 1928 a version was designed for Harley Davidson. From then the vintage leather jacket became synonymous with class and panache. It was given an additional cachet of edginess when sported by Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve McQueen, all undoubtable tough guys. It showed its adaptability to all situations when the pop culture of the 1950/60’s took the ubiquitous leather jacket to its heart and vintage bands like the Beatles ensured its continued rise in popularity. The amazing longevity of this garment can still be witnessed today and just about every A list celebrity of note, whether in the UK or beyond, can be seen off duty sporting a version of this versatile staple in one guise or another.

It goes without saying that every man’s wardrobe needs to include at least one version of this innately practical yet supremely wearable item so if you are looking for your own unique vintage leather jacket then you should take a look through our wide, biker and aviator range, not forgetting the smart/casual safari options for those more formal occasions. Within our large selection of styles, colours, sizes and prices is sure to be just the one for you.

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